Hobuck Beach Resort
2726 Makah Passage
P.O Box 115
Neah Bay, WA 98357
Phone: 360-645-2339
Fax: 360-645-3784
Email: hobuck@makah.com
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Cabin pictures - Photo Album List

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Cabins 18-15

Cabins 22-26

Cabins 1-10 #1 starts on the right

Tent camping area

Loft cabins #19-21

Drone View of Hobuck Beach Resort

Drone view looking towards Tsoo-yess River

North side cabin bedroom (1-10)

North side cabin kitchen (1-10)

North side cabin living room (1-10)

South side cabin living room (11-18)

South side cabin kitchen (11-18)

South side bedroom (11-18)

View from #23 (South Side)

Dining/Living room of #23

Bedroom of #23

Bunk beds in #23

Bathroom of #23

View from Loft porch (19-21)

View of Loft living room from back of cabin (19-21)

Loft fire pit (19-21)

Bedroom of Loft cabin (19-21)

Living room of a Loft cabin (19-21)

View from Loft Cabin #20

Beds in loft cabin (19-21)